McCluskieganj at a glance

McCluskieganj lies 70km from Ranchi in Jharkhand. Here, when the eyes travel away from hilltops swarming with clouds, from rivulets born again with the rain, and from wet-green leaves luminescent under soft sunbeams, and when the eyes droop shut to the lullaby of the night train’s soft rumbling, the mind inevitably gravitates toward the brooding remains of Ernest Timothy McCluskie’s ambitions and hopes.

"Conserving nature must become the very essence of who we are"


A complete place in nature’s beauty. Perfect peace and serenity to be experienced. Lovely environment of the hotel.

Sagarika Ghosh
Excellent food and good hospitality.

Dr. MunmunSen
Love the place surely will visit again.

Eti Ghosh
Had a pleasant stay overnight, the scenic beauty of this place just made us mesmerize.

Nikhil Rishabh
Had a wonderful experience here. Staff was fantastic along with the service provided were above par. looking forward to visit again.

Atri Mukherjee
Natural Beauty and tranquility of this place has attracted tourists before and will continue to do so. This JTDC facility is an attempt to provide good accommodation and facilities in this otherwise remote place. However, general development of infrastructure particularly that of electric supply is a requirement if tourism is to really flourish here. The staff were hospitable and helpful.

Dr.Sudip Barna

Jharkhand’s awesome scenic beauty never disappoints you.